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  1. Love this site, great idea girl! Will send my pics through shortly, the world needs to know natural Afros all the waaaay heehee x

  2. Hey,

    You’ve inspired me! I’ll be getting my henna and hawaiian silky 14 in moisturiser, your pic after the henna was put in your hair looks amaze! How did you you get your twists to look like that, could you get a vid up for that?


    1. Yay! Lemme know how it goes. Remember to be careful though and follow the instructions. Add a little conditioner to the henna. There’s a great video on it. Google ‘TheMopTopMaven’… Ermm that’s just how they went, I didn’t really do anything. I made a video and put it on youtube, but I didn’t record the application of the henna.

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